Our Goal
IT For Differently Able aims to work with those who are known as disable but we do believe their potentiality and do refer them differently able  Read me …..

Differently Able
Differently able is a euphemistic term for someone who might formerly have been classed as disabled, handicapped, challenged, or having special   Read me …..
The Project “IT for Differently Able” which BRIDGE inaugurated funded and supported by “U.S State Department”under the entitled initiative of “AEIF”   Read me …….


BRIDGE (BANGLADESH REFORM INITIATIVES FOR DEVELOPMENT , GOVERNANCE and Empowerment)Foundation is a non profit organization.This organization benefits human service.BRIDGE inaugurated funded and supported by ‘U.S State Department” under the entitled initiative of “AEIF” (Alumni Engagement Initiative Fund) in 2013.The State Department created the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) in 2011 to support alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges. The competition provides small grants to teams of past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs to carry out public service projects that utilize skills and knowledge they have gained through their exchange experiences.

IT For Differently Able” is one project of Bridge.The main objective of this project

  • To empower the disable ( Which we literally use) but in this era we do consider them differently able
  • To follow the inclusive policy for promoting the sign language users and the people who are physically disable
  • To enrich them through the IT , i. e-Graphics, Internet Marketing and Word Press
  • To make them communicative in English
  • To make them engage in self-employment
  • To organize the social connectivity and networking.

Here integrating ICT” Information Communications Technology” for the betterment of disadvantaged people of Bangladesh is a visionary project. It’ll provide a wonderful opportunity to the under served population who are deadly needed to get link to the international community. This project shows the way of learning and earning together. ICTs have spread rapidly and now connect remote locations in Bangladesh; ICT will bring a lot of change. This project is aiming to empower the under-served differently able youth in order by improving their IT skills and educate them on online outsourcing activities. By keeping this motto the soft launching finally brought out by BRIDGE Foundation which is consisted with the alumnus who participated in different

Graphics course:This course for both sign language user and physically differently able.Here they are doing classes altogether .The Graphics classes started on 26 April, 2014. The class is mainly divided in to 2 groups, First group which is consisted with 30 students used to have their classes in Friday for entitled of Graphics course.English Course: English CourseAll the students of first group which is consisted with 30 students used to have their classes in Friday for entitled course of English. English class start at 11.00 am and finish at 12.20 pm .In this course they are learning to communicate with other in English , to introduce them self with client .Safayat An Nazmi is the trainer of this course.Web Development:Only for physically differently able.The special cases of physically disable students,who are less in number as we expected that we would also be able to accommodate the wheel chair users along with ramp but at the end they could not make it due to support from their parents and distance,where we found we would have special session along with the guardian and parents also.Mustafiz Rana & Tauhidul Islam are the trainer of this class .Search Engine OptimizationOnly for physically differently able.There are Five students for this class.They are learning SEO( Search Engine Optimization) & SEM (search Engine marketing). As a result they will be able to optimized & improved of their web site

Special & Motivation Class“To motivate the participants and to make them more self confident, every last Friday of every month the guest lecturer comes who are an icon as well successful and self made people and entrepreneur. 30th May, 2014, Mr. Saidur Mamun Khan, Country Manager of Elance and ODESK

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