3 Successfull Projects

100+ Individual helped with trainings and jobs

100+ Exhibitions Across the World

Exhibition from our differently Able Artists held on Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom and Bangladesh

Upcoming Conference at Yale University

The conference will be hosted in partnership with Yale University’s South Asian Studies Council on March 22-24, 2019 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Story of Bridge Foundation

The year 2013 was the time when we initiated the ‘Project IT for Differently Able’. The project aims to pass on technological education and skills to people with disabilities. We believe technology will give them a voice, help them connect with the world and become independent. These people are the source of our strength and inspiration now.

We strongly believe – ‘If you have the idea and vision to change the world, yes! You can.’ Parents are really not hopeful about their children in terms of disability as well as they are not conscious and in most of the cases, the systematic exclusion by state and society is not motivating them. The teachers are not that much motivating and the hardest part is the employment, none is ready to accept.

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Bridge Foundation

The project which BRIDGE inaugurated funded and supported by ‘U.S State Department” under the entitled initiative of “AEIF” (Alumni Engagement Initiative Fund) in 2013.The project entered into the first phase which was started from 26 April 2014 and continued till December 2014. At present the BRIDGE team is consisted with 5 people for Friday and Saturday classes along with 5 advisers in the committee along with 4 trainers and 1 Interpreter. Internet Marketing, Word Press. ,Graphics Design and English Speaking.

IT for The Differently Abled

April 2014 - June 2015

18 successful trainee received training for 7 months based on Graphics and English as common courses for both the deaf and physically immovable and Internet marketing and Word Press as additional courses for the physically immovable

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Internship Opportunities

4 Internships in different Sector

Confirmation of Internship for 1 student including IT sector, 1 have got placement in advertising media titled Dot3 Prd as a full employee, Shafayath Hossain Asif (23) and 1 female in Democracywatch and later joined in British Council at the library Section, Jannatul Ferdous Srity (23) and our one of the in-house artists worked with Red Orange Media, a Dutch company

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Exhibitions in Bangladesh

In 3 Different Vanue

Along with the Artist Md Sohel, another artist Mashiat Tanin got the Chance to exhibit her paintings at the residence of Dutch Ambassador in Bangladesh as well as in Nordic Club and Made in Bangladesh fair

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Theater for The Differently Able

5 Participants

Form all over Bangladesh a special group of people took part in a project to celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary.
The British Council is supporting an amazing collaboration through with differently able people have a brand-new platform, performing Romeo and Juliet on the national stage. 5 Participants are performing in the theater from BRIDGE Foundation.

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Magical Art of Silence

December 2015

BRIDGE Foundation initiated the project “ARTPreneurfor Differently Able” where they do have opportunities to work under the experts through monthly basis workshop and selling their artwork through online as well. In this initiative, “Alliance Françoise” and CounterFoto being our strategic partners supported along with their venues

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BIP (Bangladesh Institute of Planning)

The proposal entitled with: “The forgotten population of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) interlinked with the urban planning infrastructure in Bangladesh: Social Mapping of the Central Public-Private Educational Institutions in Dhaka” got selected for the small grant around 70,000 BDT

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Mexico Exhibition


The credit goes to Md Sohel Ahmed for his first international art exhibition in Mexico City in 2017 and we are thankful to Mr. Tanvir Kabir, then Second Secretary and Head of Chancery Embassy of Bangladesh Mexico.

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UK Exhibition

April 2018

We got the chance to exhibit the artworks nearby the Mile End Community Center, London, April 2018

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Global solutions summit Berlin

28 to 29 May 2018

We got the chance to exhibit our products at the Makers Lab Berlin, and participated at Global solutions summit Berlin 28 to 29 May 2018, under the presence of Ms. Doctor Angela Markel, Chancellor of Germany and hosted by the Federal Ministry of the Deutschland.

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IDLC Purnota Fair

Became the part of the fair as one of the leading start ups by the women

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Case4 Space Winner

Bangkok, Thailand, 2015

Case4 Space Winner in Bangkok, Thailand, 2015 entitled with the UNDP

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