The project which BRIDGE inaugurated funded and supported by ‘U.S State Department” under the entitled initiative of “AEIF” (Alumni Engagement Initiative Fund) in 2013.The project entered into the first phase which was started from 26 April 2014 and continued till December 2014. At present the BRIDGE team is consisted with 5 people for Friday and Saturday classes along with 5 advisors in the committee along with 4 trainers and 1 Interpreter. Internet Marketing, Word Press. , Graphics Design and English Speaking.

After our first initiative we are really enthusiastic for our future endeavors as very recently we participated in a workshop based on “Theater for Differently Able” which is funded by British Council Bangladesh along with an expert from U.K, Jeany Sealy who herself is a deaf and also one of the organizers of London Paralympics. We are hopeful as the entire project is entitled with “A different Shakespeare” and all the actors and actresses are differently able being deaf or physically immovable and it was neither a barrier nor limitation from being in performing arts in terms of being deaf and wheel chair users, losing any part of limbs but at the end being able to express in the way you are and this time the maximum participants were selected from BRIDGE foundation.
BRIDGE Foundation: started new Initiative of “ARTPRENEUR for the Differently Able Deaf Artists”
In 2015 December we initiated the project “ARTS for Differently Able” where they do have opportunities to work under the experts through monthly basis workshop and selling their art work through online as well. Initially for this initiative “Alliance Française” supported us for the workshop along with in house artists. CounterFoto is the another topmost agency of creativity through the lenses being our strategic partner supporting along with their venue from 2016 onwards where famous artist “Najib Tareque” will be the guest. We successfully ended our year along with participation in” Social Enterprise Day”,29 th December 2015 powered by British Council and facilitated by “ Better Stories” at their official venue where the campaign of us was entitled with “Inclusive ARTS Promotion and Participation for the Differently Able”.
How BRIDGE Supports:
• By selecting Deaf Artists
• Providing in house interpreter