ARTS, Education and Jobs info For The Diffrently Able

The perspectives of this group is to address the medium of ARTS as one of the most vibrant one as a part of the performing arts consisted with the diversities of painting music, dance and expressions in various ways where silence and language are the mixture of communication with the sign language users we do hope for a greater and better future.

We do hope for more collaboration in terms of job and education for them as well trough exploring jobs for them in terms of creativity and creative sectors.

Theatre For Diffrently Able

Arts for differently able

After our first initiative we are really enthusiastic for our future endeavors as very recently we participated in a workshop based on “Theater for Differently Able” which is funded by British Council Bangladesh along with an expert from U.K, Jeany Sealy  who herself is a deaf and also one of the organizers of London Paralympics. We are hopeful as the entire project is entitled with “A different Shakespeare” and all the actors and actresses are differently able being deaf or physically immovable and it was neither a barrier nor limitation from being in performing arts in terms of being deaf and wheel chair users, losing any part of limbs but at the end being able to express in the way you are and this time the maximum participants were selected from BRIDGE foundation.

Arts for Differently Able

In 2015 December we initiated the project “ Painting for Differently Able” where they do have opportunities to work under the experts through monthly basis workshop and selling their art work through online as well. In this initiative “Alliance Française” supported us and CounterFoto being our strategic partner is supporting along with their venue where famous artist “Najib Tareque” is one of our advisers.

I do believe they are “Differently Able” and this terminology brings the positive vibe   and disability is at the end about our mind set and exclusion free society is important through more engagement and employment but still now we are struggling to be inclusive towards “Down Syndrome “and “Autism “based cases which I do hope would be part of our inclusiveness.We successfully ended our  year along with participation in” Social Enterprise Day”,29 th December 2015 powered by British Council and facilitated by “ Better Stories” at their official venue.

The special cases of physically disable students who are less in number as we expected that we would also be able to accommodate the wheel chair users along with ramp but at the end they could not make it due to support from their parents and distance, where we found we would have special session along with the guardian and parents also. Female Participation is required to be increased through consultation and motivation to find out their feasibility and access in future.

Last but not least we do urge to every activist and volunteer to support us being actively engaged as a volunteer through BRIDGE Foundation and work for the excluded group through sharing, teaching and capacity building being a facilitator for each and every differently able to be touched through voice, through your eyes, your touchy fingers, extended and helping hands and valuable time at the end. Mainstream has been done, has been doing and will be doing but what about excluded, scheduled and out stream people, if we don’t listen to voice of silence, to make the immovable a movable one through IT, technology and information which can lessen the gap of “Digital Divide’ and  can ensure “Differently Able in Development “with a positive notion instead of “Disable in Development” the Sustainable and inclusive development will be a myth only. At the end I do believe you are not disable until unless you do believe that and I am hopeful that the government initiated the strategies of inclusion for the “Differently Able” even though that are in the limited era but this is the beginning. One day there will be no separate school in the name of special education for them and both the parents and teachers would be cooperative to include them and mainstream institutions, organizations and corporations will come forward to engage them and believe in their potentiality. Our team and BRIDGE foundation is proud to be with those who are associated with our initiative being special in terms of endeavor from the mainstream a long and lonely journey to go before we reach towards the goal along with individual efforts.