• To empower the disable ( Which we literally use) but in this era we do consider them differently able
  • To follow the inclusive policy for promoting the sign language users and the people who are physically disable
  • To enrich them through the IT , i. e-Graphics, Internet Marketing and Word Press
  • To make them communicative in English
  • To make them engage in self-employment
  • To organize the social connectivity and networking


Picture : The Students at the class of Graphics in morning session

2nd Phase: (24 May2014- September30, 2014):

The classes started on 26 April, 2014. The class is mainly divided in to 2 groups, First group which is consisted with 30 students used to have their classes in Friday for entitled course of Graphics and English. Here both the sign language students and physically differently able are doing classes altogether. The afternoon shift is only for physically Immovable.

Days Male Female Subjects Remarks Time
1.Friday 23 from 24 th May to up to-September 30th, now the presence is 12 -15 6 are deaf and sign language users and 1 Physically immovable is drop out Graphics, English Courses are entitled for both sign language users and physically differently able 9.30-10.45 for Graphics and 11.00-12.20 for English
2.Friday 3 as 1 is drop out from August 1 (Drop out) Internet Marketing and Word Press Only for physically differently able 2.00-3.00 Internet Marketing and 3.00-5.30 for Internet Marketing Word press