IT For Differently Able

The project (IT For Differently Able) which BRIDGE inaugurated funded and supported by ‘U.S State Department” under the entitled initiative of “AEIF” (Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund) in 2013.The project entered into the first phase which started from 26 April 2014 and will be continued till December 2014. At present the BRIDGE team is consisted with 5 people for Friday classes along with 5 advisers in the committee along with 4 trainers and 1 Interpreter. Internet Marketing and Word Press.

IT For Differently Able aims to work with those who are known as disable but we do believe their potentiality and do refer them differently able through promoting them by IT funded by the entitled project “AEIF 2013” by U.S State Department to engage the Alumina who visited U.S.A, the students of the project are mostly sign language users and physically differently able.

1st Phase: (26 April2014- May23, 2014):

The classes started on 26 April, 2014. The class is mainly divided in to 2 groups, First group which is consisted with 30 students used to have their classes in Friday for entitled course of Graphics and English. Here both the sign language students and physically differently able are doing classes altogether.Saturday class is entitled only for the physically differently able students for learning Internet Marketing and Word press.

 Days  Male  Female     Subjects      Remarks    Time
1.Friday   23     7  Graphics,English Courses are entitled for both sign language users and physically differently able 9.30-10.45 for Graphics and 11.00-12.20 for English
2.Saturday 4 1 Internet Marketing and Word Press Only for physically differently able 3.00-4.30 Internet Marketing and 4.30-6.00 for Internet Marketing Word press

2nd Phase 30th May to till Now:

We did change the class routine due to the vulnerability of the physically differently able people due to transportation and mobility, so after 30 May, 2014 the classes are from Morning to Evening. First half shift with the previous routine and 2nd half for the previously scheduled Saturday classes.

Days Male Female Subjects Remarks Time
1.Friday   23   7   1.Graphics, English2.Internet Marketing and  Word Press 1.Courses are entitled for both sign language users and physically differently able

  1. For the Physically Differently Able
1.9.30-10.45 for Graphics and 11.00-12.20 for English

  1. 2.00-4.30 for Word press and 4,30-6.00 for Internet Marketing

Every Last Friday guest lecture session with the successful IT expert and ICON:

To motivate the participants and to make them more self confident, every last Friday of every month the guest lecturer comes who are an icon as well successful and self made people and entrepreneur.

30th May, 2014, Mr. Saidur Mamun Khan, Country Manager of Elance and ODESK which does promote the platform for the youth and freelancers for outsourcing was the guest of the month to encourage and motivate as well as to share extra tips and guidance towards the participants. The session was really interactive and interpersonal at the end.