IT for The Differently Abled

IT for Differently Able came to its closing session on 12th June 2015 which was held at “R.C Mazumder Hall”, Dhaka University along with 18 successful trainee who received training for 7 months based on Graphics, and English as common courses for both the deaf and physically immovable and Internet marketing and Word Press as additional courses for the physically immovable from 2014 April- November 2014.


  • To empower the disable ( Which we literally use) but in this era, we do consider them differently able
  • To follow the inclusive policy for promoting the sign language users and the people who are physically disabled
  • To enrich them through the IT, i. e-Graphics, Internet Marketing, and Word Press
  • To make them communicative in English
  • To make them engage in self-employment
  • To organize social connectivity and networking

2nd Phase: (24 May 2014- September30, 2014):

The classes started on 26 April 2014. The class is mainly divided into 2 groups, First group which is consisted of 30 students used to have their classes on Friday for an entitled course of Graphics and English. Here both the sign language students and physically differently able are doing classes altogether. The afternoon shift is only for physically Immovable.

1.Friday23 from 24th May to up to-September 30th, now the present is 12 -156 are deaf and sign language users and 1 Physically immovable is drop outGraphics, EnglishCourses are entitled to both sign language users and physically differently able9.30-10.45 for Graphics and 11.00-12.20 for English
2.Friday3 as 1 is drop out from August1 (Drop out)Internet Marketing and Word PressOnly for physically differently able2.00-3.00 Internet Marketing and 3.00-5.30 for Internet Marketing Word press



Our Achievement

Confirmation of Internship for 3students in IT sector, 1 has got placement in Ideal Computers and 2 others in Democracywatch, 1 of them is Physically Immovable and 2 of the rest are sign language users including 1 female. The website concept of BRIDGE Foundation was developed by the students.

Achievement: International   “Leading players in the youth, student and educational travel industry celebrated at the Global Youth Travel Awards 2015 The winners of the Global Youth Travel Awards 2015 – sponsored by Else Globe – were announced last Friday night during the concluding event of this year’s World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC). Having drawn an impressive number of nominations and votes, the award categories celebrate the outstanding performers within the youth, student and educational travel industry and act as a benchmark for excellence within this fast-growing sector. David Chapman, Director General of WYSE Travel Confederation, said: “The caliber of nominations this year across all award categories has been truly outstanding. As youth travel blossoms into the tourism industry’s fastest growing segment, representing approximately 23% of international tourist arrivals, it’s important to acknowledge the wealth of talent and innovation from the companies as well as individuals driving this growth.” This year’s winners are: The WYSE award acknowledges a person or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the youth, student and educational travel industry: Michael McCarry | Executive Director Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange BEST SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVE Winner: The Backpack Runner-up: LooLa Adventure Group Pte Ltd Honorable mention: BRIDGE Foundation”


Friday guest lecture session